Application and Server Deployment in the cloud

From small  to bigger projects, we make your server deployment in the cloud simple, affordable and profitable

How can we help you?

At Ugacomp Technologies, we help clients to deploy all types of applications and severs in the cloud. We deploy on any platform of your choice. 

Server Infrastructure Planning

Infrastructure Planning

We discuss with you the right Server deployment platform that offers the best solution you need

Server Cost Analysis and Management

Cost Analysis and Management

We understand how clients struggle to interprete prices related to cloud platforms. And so, we make it our priority to help them cut costs

Deployment and Scalability

We deploy all types of servers , small or largescale in the cloud. Our cloud computing engineers are ready to work with you on any project

Security Audit & Analysis

Deploying secure servers and applications is something we prioritize for clients. We take IT security seriously and this is why we work with clients to strengthen defenses .

Server Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

We document the entire server deployment including its security implementation aspect, something crucial for stability, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Server Documentation


We offer detailed HVAC repair and replacement services. Whether it is a periodic check-up or an annual maintenance, we can help.

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