Information Technology Consulting Services

We help clients to harness the power of technology to cut costs, gain productivity and achieve profitability

Providing Reliable answers to Your questions

Information Technology consulting involves advising organizations, or business entities to adopt appropriate tech solutions so they can achieve their desired objectives

At Ugacomp we remotely work with clients seeking honest answers to solve their tech needs. Our team of proffessional consultants can remotely organize a one-on-one consulting session via Skype, Zoom, or via live chat messaging. We listen to your project details so we can best understand the right strategy to employ that can offer you the results you need.

Our Consulting Framework

Our IT Consulting process involves 4 key steps which we use to effectively solve our clients' problems

Define the Problem

Understanding every detail of the problem is number one priority for us . We attentively listen to the client and take notes as they share what they're looking for. This helps us to be on the same page with the client so we can deliver the solution they need.

Prioritize issues

We prioritize the most critical part of the problem and put our attention on dealing with it. We want to make sure the consulting session with the client is well-optimize to save their time. We identify key areas of the defined problem and focus our attention on them

Suggest Recommendations

Our experts will suggest the best plan to tackle the problem. Usually, we can provide the client with well defined recommendations, giving them limitless alternatives on how to go about their problem

Implement the solution

If the client agrees to the recommendations we've suggested, we can implement the solution for them. But this stage is an addon, meaning that a client can choose to fully assign us the project so we can can handle it for them, o r just move on with the recommendations we've provided

Democratizing IT Consulting

We take care of everybody

It doesn't matter whether you're an individual, a small business owner, a medium or large-sized enterprise, we will take care of you.

We believe in ideas

Sharing ideas to solve problems is something we're passionate about. We take pride in being part of the solution that relieves clients from their burdens


Our main focus is to deliver excellent results which clients are looking for.We work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand the real environment and develop pragmatic recommendations that are best for each client.


We do not remarket software for anyone. This keeps us unbiased in helping our clients with their technology investment decisions. We’re focused on solving our client’s problem, not on selling software or hardware.

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